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Landessa Ice Coffee (CartoCan 230ml)

Finest coffee from 100% Arabica beans refined with milk from the Austrian Alps. Quality in three delicious flavors: Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and Vanilla. Environment friendly packed in the CartoCan.



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Eiscafe Becher kleinLandessa Ice Coffee (Cups 230ml)

Very digestible coffee for connoisseurs! In practical Ready-To-Drink cup,
available in the varieties Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and Espresso. 

With only 1.5% and 1.9% fat.


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Landessa Ice Coffee Macchiato Lactofree (Cups 230ml)

Easily digestible coffee for active coffee lovers!
Lactofree - low sugar! 



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Landessa Espresso Shot 130ml

Cold Brewed Espresso is the new trendy life style product and a caffeine kick with taste for more energy.

For all who like it strong, pure and short. 



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Landessa Chocolate milk 200ml

A tasty experience for the chocolate fancier! Young and old all appreciate the tasty combination of finest Alpine milk and carefully selected cocoa.



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Landessa Flavoured Milk 250ml

The flavored milk is made from low-fat Alpine milk (0% fat).
The drink in the environment friendly glass bottle is available in 3 delicious varieties (Vanilla, Strawberry, Cocoa)



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Landessa Milkshakes 230ml

Creamy Milkshakes with only natural flavors.

Available in 3 varieties Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.



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EggNogLandessa Egg Nog 230ml

A fine creamy temptation not only for the cold season. You can enjoy it both hot and cold. Environmentally friendly packed in the CartoCan.



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Chai_latteLandessa Chai Latte 230ml

Our Chai Latte is a modern tea drink with best Austrian milk and oriental spices.

Available in the varieties Classic and Rooibos Vanilla. 



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Landessa Smoothies 150ml

The two varieties Mango-Passion Fruit and Strawberry-Banana are produced without the addition of concentrates and sugar, are 100% vegan and have 100% natural ingredients.



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Landessa Coffee milk 250ml/470ml

Turn your plain old coffee into a tasty treat with a dash of Landessa Coffee Milk!




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Landessa Quark Yoghurt Cream 450g

Reach for your favourite flavour and treat yourself to one of our Quark Yoghurt creams!




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Landessa Blauer Kaiser 100g

A strong, aromatic blue cheese for the demanding cheese connoisseur.



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Landessa Rosso 125g

Soft cheese speciality with red rind and milk mould. 




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Landessa Camembert 125g

Mild soft cheese with creamy interior and mild mushroom flavour. 




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Landessa Wine Cheese 125g

Soft cheese with a typical dark rind and fruity aroma with a hint of Zweigelt grape. 




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